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Vanguard Crafting Recipes
Crafting is one of the many spheres that are available for players of Vanguard: Saga of Heroes to play around with in their adventures through Telon. Crafters are broken up into 3 distinct types (Blacksmith, Outfitter, Artificer) which are then broken down again into specialized categories. Blacksmiths can specialize as Weaponsmiths or Armorsmiths, Artificers can specialize as Carpenters or Mineralogists, and Outfitters can specialize as Tailors or Leatherworkers. For more specific information on the crafting sphere or descriptions of the different crafter types, please check out There are many items that crafters can make and many possible outcomes to each item type. Each item starts with a basic recipe, which then can have enhancement items added to them in order to change the name, stats, procs, and other aspects of the item.
The purpose of this wiki space is to catalog as many possible recipes and outcomes to each recipe as I can possibly find. With each crafting experience, the crafter can make items that are below Grade "A" quality which will lower the stat numbers of the item created. The items that are listed here are all the Grade "A" outcomes with 100% grading. This is to reduce the amount of times I have to craft a particular recipe in order to get an item of each Grade and to reduce the space taken up by lesser graded items. Maybe one day, after all the recipes are listed with outcomes, I'll go back through and collect Grade "B" & "C" screen shots and add them as well. However since most people want the best possible outcome, only Grade "A" items will be listed here for the time being. The cataloging of the Grade "A" versions will have many outcomes (between 100-1000) so it will be hard enough to collect the data on those. I will also add pages to show the enhancements that can be found (or purchased) and used in the recipes as well. Below are direct links to the Recipe lists (which will have links to each specific recipe and outcomes) for each of the crafter types. The wiki is pretty basic due to the fact that I know nothing of writing codes and such, so I hope that the set-up is sufficient for now until I can find someone that knows how to code that will help me make it more sleek and user-friendly.
If you wish to help gather screen shots and post them on this site, please go here(How To Help) and read how to edit the Wiki. While it is not hard, and there are no templates, I'd like to try to keep things similar between pages. Links will be added to the recipe list to take you to the pages with outcomes as I am able to collect the recipe screen shots. If there is no link for a recipe, it is because I either don't have the recipe yet, or have not gotten a chance to collect the screen shot of them.I am trying to get screen shots of recipes that do not have the red message "You do not have the materials to craft this" (or whatever it is) that shows up when you do not have all required parts in your inventory. Outcomes will be listed on the pages (along with what items were used to craft those outcomes) as I am able to craft them. As you can imagine, there are a lot of possible outcomes to each recipe, so it may take me a while to craft every possible outcome to each recipe. If you have outcomes (with screen shots of those outcomes) to any of the recipes listed below and would be willing to donate them, please email me the screen shot file (saved as a .jpg file) along with the items used to create the outcome to . Thanks.

Artificer: Carpenter, Mineralogist

Blacksmith: Armorsmith, Weaponsmith

Outfitter: Leatherworker, Tailor


Harvested Materials