In different locations throughout the game, there are certain mobs and NPC's that players may wish to stay away from. These mobs are extremely hard and/or unkillable. If you have killed these mobs, please edit this page and provide a strategy for those of us who owe them some payback. Just so you know, if you are in a small group or solo, I would suggest you STAY AWAY from these mobs. Most of these screenshots cost me a death or two to obtain.

Arachnidon Sunshine
Location: Shimmering Shallows
Level: 58
Dots: 6

This screenshot was taken just before he hit me, yes, his front legs are up as he is about to attack me. This screenshot costs me 2.1 million XP! He hit me for around 36k (I had 8k hitpoints).

Dugkiki Mastdalon
Location: Bridge of Destiny
Level: 100
Dots: 6

Now I was told to stay clear of the water near the Bridge of Destiny, so I thought I would come here and get a screenshot of these guys. I have been told that they will knock you off your ship and kill you, kill you if you hit the water, or get to close to the water on a flying mount. However, this screenshot was taken at the bottom of the water right beside the Bridge of Destiny sitting about 20m from the mob. There were about 6 of them just sitting here. So you will have to do what you feel, they did not aggro me (as you can see they are yellow to me), yet I've heard many people say they will aggro you from a long ways off. Player discretion is advised!