The adventuring aspect of Vanguard is no different than any other MMO game. Players travel the world and complete quests to obtain coin, gear, and other random loots. The world of Telon is vast and there are many places to visit and complete quests in. To start, the world consists of 4 Island sets; Isle of Dawn (Starting Area), Kojan, Qalia, Thestra. Each of these islands have many places to explore randomly (aside from the Isle of Dawn which is only a single chunk to explore) and are covered with mobs, dungeons, and cities. If you plan to explore every area and complete as many quests as possible, or if you are only interested in certain areas and quest lines, you will find information about each of these areas from this page. Choose the link below to guide you to exactly what you are looking for. If you have suggestions as to what to put here, please feel free to leave Hecatoncheir an email through the site and I will get on it as quickly as possible.


These are all of the quests that have been located throughout the world of Telon. They are broken down into 3 catagories; Quests by Location, Quests by Level, and Quest Lines.


These are little places that are not visited often but are definitely worth checking out if you wish to see good areas to adventure in.


Have you ever been running (or flying) along and end up dead without ever seeing yourself get aggro'd by a mob? Most likely you have passed by one of the many mobs in the game that will attack you from a long distance and kill you in a single hit (for damage like 34,872 damage). This section is dedicated to finding these mobs and making their locations known to people. These are the mobs that you will want a raid group in order to contend with them.


These will overlap the mobs from the "WARNING STAY CLEAR" page as these mobs are not ones you will want to seek out unless you have a raid group. This section will be dedicated to providing information on the Overland Raid Mobs found across Telon such as Location, Level, and known loot drops. This will help players plan their targets to obtain the gear needed.
RAID/Group Dungeons
So, your now wanting to RAID and venture into other non-raid areas that require high level groups like APW, PoTA, Overland Mobs, and Vi'Rak are you? Well, here you will find information on each area. This information will include maps of the dungeons (when available), Strats on mobs, Overall strats on the area *things to watch for and such*, and whatever other relevant information we can obtain on these areas. Please give us some time as we are just now starting to scratch the surface of the whole "RAID" idea and concept.
The dungeons and cities can be quite confusing in Vanguard and you can find yourself searching through either one for hours before locating the areas you seek. This section will be used to compile as many maps as possible for the game to include dungeons and cities both. Knowing the location of quest givers, key quest items, and other bits of information can improve the progression of players.