This page will house all of the new updates to the website along with a date when the updates were made. The purpose of this site is to ensure all information is kept current with the updates to the games. When new quests are added, I will attempt to add them here as soon as possible. Updates will start as of today October 23, 2010.


While updates here seem to be trickling in slowly, rest assured that updates to the entire wiki ARE being made. Hecatoncheir continues to adjust things and add in new content to the site as a new member has begun making updates to the furnature section as well as helping out with the mapping section. A new member has joined us recently on the section of the wiki with a message stating they are looking to help contribute information. Soon I will have some more free time (Hecatoncheir) and will be looking to work more on the site, but with the double XP weekend that is happening at present, I am concentrating on pushing my main toon Hecatoncheir to level 55 Crafting. This will top him off completely for levels in all 3 spheres. I am going to add a page that provides direct links to each of the wiki's that are connected to this one so that people can join ALL the wikis to help contribute. All can be edited by any person (guests included) except the maps pages, those can ONLY be edited by registered users.

The mapping project continues to grow as locations are found and implemented. New screenshots and hand drawn maps are also being created to provide more detail to each map, much like the ones you see when looking at a map drawn by The Forgotten Horde, or The Black Company. These types of maps seem to be a bit more.....helpful. For now, the maps that are up on that section will suffice, but some of those are outdated and we are looking to update them as we find time.

Please, if you have any suggestions on how to change the site around, or how to make it more user-friendly, do not hesitate to contact Hecatoncheir either in-game, on here, or through email at . Thanks again for keeping an eye on the site and being patient with the slowly trickling information! We will keep it coming!


I have begun yet another HUGE project.....Mapping the world of Telon. I am currently gathering maps that have been offered to me to use and am getting the site set up. I have linked it to this site now, but please keep in mind that this is currently in "project" status and is far from complete. Currently, as of today, all cities, zones, and dungeons that begin with the letters "A" - "D" have been posted and have maps. Only those with letters "A" - "C" have all gathered information posted. My goal for now is to get the maps up, then I will go back through and add in the information that I have from my own knowledge as well as that posted on the sites the maps came from. Please bare with me as I continue working on this project. Some of the maps will be updated at a later date to incorporate new information and some adjustments to mistakes found on the existing maps, but at least for now, you can have a general idea of what to find where. Thanks for your patience as I continue to build this wiki into a one-stop shop for all things Vanguard! -Hec-


Updated the Knotted and Dusky Board outcomes on the Carpenter Recipe List and Outcome results page. Headed to bed now, but will be back in-game later today to work on the Granite Blocks, Limestone Blocks, Blue Sapphire Jewels, and Jade Jewels. Will most likely update the site either late tonight or tomorrow sometime...depends on what I get done and what I get into in-game. -Hec-


Today I worked a little more on the Carpenter Recipe List and Outcome results. I completed Prime Roofing Shingles, Premium Beams, Lapis Lazuli Jewel, Malachite Jewel, Skarn Block, Travertine block, Umber Board, Warped Board, Standard Plank, Prime Beam, and Select Beam. I also got the pages set up for the rest of the refining recipe outcomes. I will work more on these over the next couple of days. I still have to acquire all of the required materials in order to craft these items. If you have any items you wish to donate for this cause, please send Hecatoncheir an in-game mail and let me know. Lets work together to build this database! -Hec-


Today (and yesterday) I added a section covering the City Faction aspect of the game. Added info on what it means, how to do it, a faction chart, as well as all Racial Mounts and Continental Armor. I have posted photos of most of the mounts (missing a couple), and 90% of the Racial Armor (missing Thestra for all and Qalian). Hope this is helpful! -Hec-


Today I updated the Old Targonor Knights section of the Griffon quest. I updated the strategies, ideal group makeups, and known drops of the mobs. Also got a screenshot of Akande, will seek to get screenshots of the other Knights as well (A bit hard as the rest of them move). Also updated the Guild Hall section of the crafting area to include all materials required to build each guild hall as well as screenshots of all the different types of Guild Halls. Am working on mapping out Stiirhad but it is proving to be a very difficult task. -Hec-


Today I spent a majority of my insomnia time listing the Raid Mobs that are found throughout the game. Strats have been posted on some of them, we will be adding more as they are obtained. Made pages for each individual Raid Mob to list name, level, dots, location, strategy, and known dropped items. I am going to work on getting screenshots of these items as I am able. Will also soon be putting in the Old Targonor Knights strats as well *updated versions* as we have been spending a lot of time on these quests. If you have any information on any of these mobs, or would like to include a few that arent listed, please feel free to either list them or mail me the names and information and I'll get them posted. Thanks! -Hec-


Today's focus was on the Temple of Dailuk. I got the screenshot of the dungeon and noted the important parts of it. I also added pages for the quests that are obtained at the Beacon of Azara Shalab which send you to the Temple of Dailuk dungeon. I still need to do the quests and get screenshots of the Questgivers, Quest details, and rewards. Still working on Veskal's Exchange quests as well. -Hec-


Today we updated all of the quests we logged in Veskal's Exchange so far. We also mapped Veskal's Exchange (and the buildings within it) and the dungeon Jade Depths and uploaded those. Time to get more quest screenshots. -Hec-


Took more quest shots in Veskal's Exchange. Will be getting more over the next day or so and then will work on getting them uploaded and put up on the site. -Hec-


Started logging quests for Veskal's Exchange. Also updated all character pages (classes and races). Working on page tags and having issues so the process is moving slowly. -Hec-

Hi, It's Axela, not Hec. I added links to the Unicorn Questline so you can go from one quest to the next without going back to the Questline page. I also did a few little clean-up kind of things here and there. I will add the same kind of links to the other questlines if someone doesn't beat me to it. -Hec-


Again, its been a while since I have done any updating on here and I apologize. I have added a bunch of new quests and updated some of the screenshots on some existing ones. I do have the screenshots to the rewards, but alas my note taking is so sporadic that the names of each reward piece has yet to be located among my notes. I will correct this as soon as I can. -Hec-


Added full Tier Quests for the Blacksmith on the crafting pages. -Hec-


Been a while for an update and I felt it was time for one. I updated some of the Artificer information on the crafting site as well as updates to some existing pages on the adventure site. I also created some of the missing pages (the ones not linked yet) in case people had information to post on them but did not know how to create the pages. I am currently going through my notes (put screenshot cropping on hold for the moment) and updating the sites with the information I have notes on. I have started new notebooks due to the sporadic note taking habits of mine causing my notes to become confusing even for myself. I am updating with these notes as I decipher them so that I can move on to the new notebooks. Aequinox has been doing some raiding (overland raid mobs and APW Entrance Wing and Library Wing) and I have been obtaining more notes on these things. Information updates have come to a slow crawl due to the holiday season. Starting in January, I will be taking time off of the game to focus on getting all of my current notes and screenshots updated to the site. Then I will go back to playing the game and obtaining more information. Thanks for being patient with me on this. If you have information you wish to put up on the site, please feel free to do so, this can be done under a guest account or an actual account. The more people working on this, the faster it becomes something widely used. -Hec-


Today's focus was on the Crafting Wiki pages. I have created pages and posted information on all the crafting quests I have notes on. Still need to get pages made for the Banisher's quest line as well as the Artisan's Saga lines. I have been rummaging through my notes trying to find the ones on these quests. As soon as I discover their whereabouts I will get these pages made and get the information posted. -Hec-


Today I worked on getting the quests that exist on the wiki so far tagged with the level so that they appear on the Quest by Level page. Took 7 hours but finally got all the existing pages corrected and tagged properly. Tomorrow I will work on getting some Crafting Quest information posted on the crafting wiki. -Hec-


Today I updated the Crafting Wiki site. I posted some information that was emailed to me by another member. I am still in the process of updating the crafting wiki with the information that has been sent to me, this will take some time as it is a TON of information. Hopefully, with these updates, the crafting community will regain so vital information for crafting. I am also linking the recipes to another site that was created some time ago by myself that provides the outcomes of the recipes as well. Sometimes I wonder why I indulge myself with such HUGE undertakings, and then I remember all of the people that play Vanguard still and that rely on this type of information to aid them in their adventures. So long as people continue to play the game and seek this information, I will most likely continue grinding away at this site (and all the linked sites I have started) in order to make this the one-stop-shop for all information! -Hec-


First off, let me apologize for having not kept everyone up to date on the progress of the site. While it has been a while since I have posted here, many things have taken form. The site has begun to attract new members who are contributing in many ways. The site has gotten a face-lift in hopes to ensure it is easy to use and navigate. As well, many new things have been added to the site. Originally it was to be a site to just list the many adventuring quests that I could find in the game, now, it is everything Vanguard! Anyhow, for today's update, I have edited many of the Isle of Dawn quests (updating the pages with missing information) and I also created the rest of the class pages and ability pages for each of those classes. While the class pages are not entirely completed, I just put in the basic information and a link to the abilities pages (although not all abilities have been posted). We will continue to grind away at this over the next few months in hopes to make it a one-stop-shop for all information needed for Vanguard. Please bare with us as we are also still rebuilding the Crafting Website as well. A member from the Aequinox Guild has also begun to undertake creating a new updated diplomacy website. It is still unknown at this time if the site is being created or is still an 'idea', but once created, we will be sure to include a link to it on our Helpful Links page. Thanks to everyone that has contributed or is still contributing! I welcome the extra help in this HUGE task! -Hec-


Added 16 new location pages. Input the names of the quests but still need to create the pages for each quest. Will do this after I have uploaded the screenshots for these pages. Tired, going to bed, been at it since yesterday afternoon. -Hec-


Uploaded 89 more files, am continuing to crop screenshots this week. I will update the pages and quests as part of next weeks project. Balancing two wiki's is rough, but the new addition of people and their offer to help is greatly appreciated! Soon these wiki's will be booming with information! -Hec-


Created a new crafting wiki to start recollecting crafting information. This site is located at and is also linked under the "Helpful Links" section of this site. New goal is to make this a "General Hub" site for links to other useful sites for the game. Feel free to add in any working links that you may use regularly to aid you in your adventures across Telon. Also cropped more pics to upload, just need to get on it and get em uploaded and update the pages for them. Will work on that this week! -Hec-


Coming Soon: Shield of Hatred quest chain, Learning the Cause, Crusaders of the Brotherhood, Paladins of the Brotherhood, Priests of the Brotherhood, The Killing Word, Bishops of the Brotherhood, A Deadly Leader, The Path, Shield of Shadow, Shield of Darkness, A Vile Cipher, Forsaken Knights, Forsaken Merchants, Betrayal at the Top, Veshka's Servants, Veshka the Corrupt, Amulets of Veshka, Hillsbury Mansion, Horse Meat, Possessed Farmers, Hunters of the Forest, Elk Overpopulation, Beetle Infestation, Fearl Body Snatchers, Fulfilling Their Needs, Searching the Past, The Maruaders Trail, Blood Drinkers, Zihuur Invasion, The Horse's Mouth, Sisters, The Old Veteran, Renton's Request, Tusk Tusk, Blade of Ashes, Dirty Curs, Fiery Fury, The Desert Has Teeth, Donovan the Archaologist, To Roll a Die, Demolishers, Use an Axe!, The Maps of Change, Camp Falkrun, Mine Your Manners, Vulshar Totems, Vulshar Belts, Protecting Misthaven: Zihuur Legionaires, Protecting Misthaven: Swarm Stirges, Protecting Misthaven: Berserker Beetles, Friend of the Crossing, Put Farmer John To Rest, Poison Glands, Desert Poison, Cyclone Noise, Vihaad Problem, Trickery, Arach Infestation, Nerach Infestation, Strang Things are Afoot, The Right Way, Mandibles Equal Money, Watch Your Step, Shoe In, Keep Your Venom, Work With the Uuvari, Hot Rocks, Beddings, Responding to the Call, Calming the Craze, Mysterious Chest, Switching It Up, Slithering Yolk, Pricey Rocks, Help in the Marsh, Bone Collector, Golden Opportunity, Asp Tongues, Big Dumb Brutes (Craingwind Weapon Starter Quest), Don't Like It Here, Tall Tales, See For Yourself, Roll the Bones, Howling Has Me Heated, Seeds of Power, Mapping the Path, The Monoliths of Tarsheim, The Great Catch of '36, The Cleansing of the Valley, Cloak of the Chosen, The Jharru of Zossyr, The Cleansing of the Shrines, Aliens of the Desert Ridges, Shattered Spirit of a Broken Lord, Geysers of Zossyr, The White Arm of Knowledge, The Silver Arm of Knowledge, Stolen Homes, Lighten Your Burden, The Gold Arm of Water, Terranyth Residue, The Violent Earth (RAID MOB KILL), Cleansing the Caves. *Screenshots taken, just need to crop them and upload them, will work on this after double XP weekend!* -Hec-


Uploaded 35 NPC & Quest rewards to update more pages. These uploads will update some of the pages for the Unicorn Mount quest, the swamp armor line, and the Griffon Mount quest. -Hec-


Added/update the following quests:

Those Who Seek Us Out, Eradicating the Danger, Celebration of Sanctuary, A Detection in Thestra, Raiding the Tombs, Exile Redemption, Falcon Intercept, Leopard Hides, Fangs for Arrows, Viscious Critters, Rock Attacks, Tainted Carapaces, The Flordiel Emissary, The Gorgalok Emissary, The Ichtakhta Emissary, Trust Your Eyes, Atonement: Gorgalok, Favor of the Ichtakhta, Symbols of the Flordiel, At the Root, End the Cruelty, Testing the Finder, Unicorns of Kojan, Extraordinary Response, Four of the Unkind, The Karaji Problem, Colorful Death, The Arrogance of Xo, Magi Hold: Inferno, Magi Hold: Deep Freeze, Magi Hold: Shock, Reverse Requisition, Magi Hold: Ultraviolence, Magi Hold: Turncoat, Magi Hold: Insanity's Source, A Need for Heroes: Trengal Keep, Seeking the Legend of Trengal Keep, The Crux of Castle Landsview, The Crux of Cairnsworth Hall, Cloth for Erlina, Cockatrice Takeover, Ghosts of Alicia's Graveyard, The Lie of Life, Spectral Ingredients, Ghostly Grog, Theramir's Case, Eye Spies, URT Hero Mission: Appeasing Therridon, URT Hero Mission: Greater Power, URT Hero Mission: Feeding Frenzy, Fight Them With Food, Necromancer Across the River, Encroaching Stones, Note of Urgency, Lost Magic, Supplies in Order, Poisoned Flora, Blood Immunities, Unlikely Supplies, Talons of Telon, Shells for Sale, Prisoners of the Coven, A Cure for Greyring, Don't Eat the Beetle Eggs, Failures of Imanjal, Assist the Primalist, Enter the Ra'Hazi, A Solemn Request, The Final Assault, Explosive Research, Miniature Skeletons, Miniature Mojo, Pristine Feathers, Wings of the Majestic, Avian Reconstruction Project, Blood from the Sky, Soaring Brains, Arcane Research, Tools of the Arcane, Tempted by the Treats of Another, Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun, Scouting the Keep, Meteoric Studies, Spider Samples, Mostly Dead But Not All Dead, Storming the Castle, For the Shells of Course, Risk to Thestra, Mitten Delivery, The Legend of Trengal Keep Pt 1, The Legend of Trengal Keep Pt 2, The Legend of Trengal Keep Pt 3, For the Shells Again, Hooked Barbs, Final Avengement, Barbed Traps, Alcove Mushrooms, Trapping Skawlra, Skawlra Map Report, A Map for Skawlra Rock, Captain's Revenge, Mapping the Rock, Rarities of the Rock. -Hec-