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Getting Started in VGO

Posted: Thu Nov 28, 2019 1:20 pm
by Jakkal
I realized we could probably use a post here that gives you all the info you need, and answers some of the questions you might have.

Before we begin, please keep in mind that VGO is a work in progress. We are still in an early alpha state. A lot of the core functionality is in the game, but it's in a very rough, unrefined state. We are not comparable to VG Live yet. We get a lot of bug reports in regards to "This is how it was in Live", which aren't useful to us because we are aware of how things were in Live, but we don't have the back end functionality in place yet to make it happen.

So it's really important for you guys to know what you're getting into before you join. See How and What to Test on VGO (Link below) for more information on this.

Complete Setup Guide:

Available 3rd Party UIs:

How and What to Test on VGO: ... f=5&t=3002

Commands Reference:
All commands that are VGO specific start with a .
Commands that are client specific (the same ones from live) start with a /
The Entire List of commands are available here.

These commands are available during our rebuilding/testing phase and may not be available when we 'go live' or could be removed at any point.
  • Setting Levels: Target yourself and use /say .setlevel LevelNumberHere SphereReferenceHere
    Sphere Reference: Adventuring: 0
    Crafting: 1
    Diplomacy: 2
    If you want to set yourself to level 50 Adventuring, you use /say .setlevel 50 0
  • Setting Money Amount: Target yourself and use /say .setmoney AmountHere
    Note: This does not add to your money, it sets the amount you have to whatever you put there. The money is set in copper, so if you want 10 copper, you use /say .setmoney 10
    If you want 1 plat you use /say .setmoney 1000
  • Rifting: In VGO you can rift to any chunk regardless of riftstones.
    /say .rift ChunkNameHere* OR /say .rift ChunkReferenceNumberHere
    Chunk Names: They cannot have any special characters in them, and no spaces. So if you wanted to rift to Bordinar's Cleft you would use /say .rift bordinarscleft
    Chunk Reference Numbers:
  • Quest Reset: If you need to reset a quest and you know the quest number, you can simply use /say .quest reset Quest#Here. Note this will abandon the quest if you have it. This will allow you to retake the quest if you've already done it.
  • Quest Offer: If you need to take a quest and you know the quest number, you can simply use /say .quest offer Quest#Here.
  • Clear Inventory: If you need to clear your General Inventory (That is your main bag and only that one bag) then use /say .inventory clear
  • Turn off/on Proximity Aggro: /say .aggro off/on
    Note that this does not turn off social aggro, so while you won't have mobs attacking you for being near them, it can still social if you choose to pull one.
  • Set Speed: /say .speed NumberHere
    This will set your speed to the number you choose. It will not alter your displayed speed. It will turn off if you cast something. The highest number you can use is 1500.
Additional Notes:
All starter areas with the exception of Mekalia (Gnomes) and Hathor Zhi (Dark Elves) are ready for testing.