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Silver Lake Relics Courage, Honor , Wisdom Summoned Mobs

Posted: Wed May 20, 2020 9:20 pm
by elquar

Was imputing item from Dungeon Guru archive site and found this info.

I. Beacon of Courage: ... of_Courage

Summmons: Ghost of Templar Larrin Khael, Ghost of Dame Kiara Dale, Ghost of sir Harthor Tral

II. Beacon of Honor: ... c_of_Honor

Summons: Ghost of Sir Alaster Moore (Misspelled should be Ghost of Sir Alastir Moore), Ghost of Sir Kalius Darkman , UNKOWN

III. Beacon Wisdom: ... _of_Wisdom

Summon: Ghost of Sir Finneous, Ghost of Sir Jorrel Kar, UKNOWN

There is also Two more mobs on vgmmodb that seem to fit : Ghost of Sage Xarish , Ghost of Duke Allahandro Ducard.

Link to vgmmod db silver lake mobs: ... ilverlake/

HEG cairnworth run pictures(showing a few of these npc) ... 5323559899

This link has same pics but also a description of there run : ... m:80/blog/

Loot I have been able to find:

1) Ghost of Templar Larrin Khael:

Cairnworth Vest Of Courage: ... of_Courage

Larrin's Breastplate of the Templar: Data in spreadsheet Link broken

Larrin's pendant of courage: broken link no data

2) Ghost of Dame Kiara Dale:

Kiara's boots of courage: no data , no link

Kiara's Cudgel of Honor : no data, no link

Kiara's Priestly Wargaurd: data in spreadsheet, broken link

3) Ghost of Harthor Trall

Harthor's Charm of Courage: ... e-1660.php

Harthor's Guard of Courage: ... -14055.php

Cairnworth Cerermonial Cap : ... monial_Cap

4) Ghost of Sir Alastir Moore

Alastir's Charm of Honor: no data

Alastir's Girdle of Honor: no data

Alastir's Axe of Diligence: ... e-9648.php

Alastir's Sturdy Steel Boots: ... ms&id=6351

5) Ghost of Sir Kalius Darkman

Klius's Girdle of Protection: no data

Kalius's Great of Betrayal: no data

Cairnworth Helm of Protection: ... Protection

6) Summon: Ghost of Sir Finneous Drallite

Finneous's Ring : no data

Fineouss's Blazing Staff: no data

Finneous' Sash of Wisdom: data in spreadsheet Broken link

7) Ghost of Sir Jorrel Kar:

Jorrel's Ceremonial Guard of Cairnworth: data in spreadsheet broken link

Jorrel's Charm of Widom: data in spread sheet broken link

Sir Jorrel's Boots of Wisdom: data in spreadsheet broken link

8) Sage Xarish

Xarish's STaff of Wisdom: no data

9) Ghost of Duke allahandro Ducard:

Ducard's Seal of Honor: no data

Hope this helps

Re: Silver Lake Relics Courage, Honor , Wisdom Summoned Mobs

Posted: Thu Nov 12, 2020 12:42 am
by elquar
This has more data on where the ghost spawns ... 20Hall.htm