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Best race for class

Posted: Sun Feb 09, 2020 11:01 am
by tjuday
Hello, never played Vanguard before with all the races and different abilities of each. My questions are 1) How much does race matter 2) if Race matters what is the primary stat or ability should I be looking for to pair each Race with a class ? There's racial abilities, extra stats per race, then ability points no clue what matters most. Thanks in advance.

Re: Best race for class

Posted: Sun Feb 09, 2020 11:34 am
by Jakkal
1. In Live VG, race didn't really matter much. Usually it came down to how you wanted to play or what you might find handy. For example, The Qaliathari humans had a 10 sec invuln, which would come in handy for a tank to have an extra invuln. The Vulmane Racial made all the damage of the group come to you in health. So that was handy for any 'oh shit' situations. But in the end, there was no 'best class/best race' distinction.

2. Stats were mostly based on class and not on race. Tanks usually want Con -> Str -> Dex in that order, though sometimes while levelling they'll go Str -> Con -> Dex. Melee DPS were mostly Str -> Dex -> Con as well, though again classes like the bard might want to put some points in Int as well since they have spells. Casters usually want Int -> Wis -> Vit. Or Int -> Wis -> Con if they're dying a lot. And finally the healer you pick best goes with what they most resemble. A cleric would probably want vit -> wis -> con, but a disc might want Str -> Dex -> Con. Whereas a BM would be more caster with Int -> Wis -> Con.

In the end, just pick what you like the most. It won't really matter too much. Minmaxing isn't that terribly beneficial. And it's not going to matter at the stage we're at right now.