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About Bug Reports

Posted: Tue Oct 01, 2019 8:00 pm
by Jakkal
Folks, let me start out by saying that we're really glad that you're testing our content for us. We're still trying to work out a lot of the details of the game and your testing is helping us.


Because we haven't worked out all the details some things don't work right yet. The problem is that we get a lot of bug reports that are not helpful. We know how the game worked. You don't need to tell us that unless we asked how it worked, and you'll find that here on the forums or in discord.

We also get a lot of bug reports telling us that X happens and that's it. We know sometimes X happens. What were you doing when X happened? What were you fighting? What quest were you on. What abilities were you using. Be specific.

We get a lot of bug reports about getting stuck in combat. Yes we know it's a thing. Why does it happen? We don't know. But if you bug report only saying that you get stuck in combat, you don't help us. Did you have a pet/minion out? Were you using DOTS? What were you fighting, where, and what abilities were you using? Trying to track down "I get stuck in combat" is nearly impossible for us. You aren't helping us when you do that.

Another thing we get a lot of bug reports about: "I've completed a quest and I can't turn in. The questgiver has a blue shield and won't let me turn in." Folks. Read that quest. Every single one of these that I've investigated has required that you turn in with a different NPC than the questgiver. Every one. But because it's a bug report, I still need to investigate it. This is time I could be spending rebuilding the game, not chasing ghosts.

Please, if you're going to use the bug report function, use due diligence. If you see a bug, give us as much info as you can. Check the forums to see if one of the designers has mentioned the issue but can't do anything about it. You would save us a lot of time and trouble just reading quest text.

Again, thank you for your testing. We really do appreciate it. But help us help you, and help us work on VGO. Give us more information.

In addition, here's a general primer of what to test and what not to report: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=3002

Re: About Bug Reports

Posted: Wed Feb 05, 2020 8:07 am
by Jakkal
We have had a recent influx of players, Hi Guys, and with that comes, more bug reports!

Except, these aren't bugs. Let me be blunt. Whenever you guys issue a bug report about quests, items, or NPCs, I have to test it. No matter what I think might be going on, or anything else, I stop what I'm doing, and I test it. Some of these quests take a lot of time to properly test.

And then what do I find out? The quest is fine. The player didn't read the quest text. Or they're just not doing the right thing.

Almost every single quest related bug report that has come in lately has been this same theme. Folks, Vanguard has a reputation for bugs, but that does not mean you should assume every quest is bugged at the first sign of trouble. Before you bug report, please please please: READ THE QUEST TEXT. I'm pretty damn sure that a lot of these reports would not be coming in if the player read the quest text.

If you are stalled on a quest, you should do the following BEFORE you bug report:
1. Read the quest text thoroughly. If you can't turn in with the questgiver, see if you have to turn in with another NPC. If you need an item that you don't have, find out where you get it. A lot of bug reports would be stopped right here if players read the quest text.
2. If you still can't get it to work and the quest text isn't helping you - try alternative methods. Your first thought in regards to bug reporting should not be "eh this must be bugged". It should be "I might not be doing it right." Not all items from quests are directly used in them, sometimes you just have to have it in your inventory. Hail people. Try to find another way around. If your compass says you're in the right spot, and nothing seems to happen (or it was oddly difficult to reach) you might be above the location you need to be.
3. Ask the others in game. They might be able to tell you what to do. There's no shame in asking for help. And then if no one else knows what to do:

Then you may bug report.

Please don't get me wrong. We definitely love having you guys here and testing. But this is becoming a problem where I'm doing more bug report testing than working on VGO. I'd really rather just work on VGO. So help us out here folks.