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Racial Ability: Gnomish Distillation

Posted: Sun Jan 28, 2018 11:33 pm
by Moldew
I'm digging up info on the gnome racial ability, gnomish distillation. Any help would be appreciated. (Thanks Elquar for your help so far...) :)

In general, there are four levels of what a gnome can make, classes A-D items. (shard, crystal, prism, jewel) All items are no trade, no rent, no sell.

All are self-only items unless otherwise noted. I'll have to edit some of the descriptions as they aren't consistent.

Shard of Mana - heal mana instantly by 20%
Crystal of Mana - heal mana instantly by 40%
Prism of Mana - heal mana instantly by 60%
Jewel of Mana - heal mana instantly by 75%

Shard of Life - heals for very small amount
Crystal of Life - heals for small amount
Prism of Life - heals for large amount
Jewel of Life - heals for very large amount

Shard of Endurance - restores 50% endurance
Prism of Endurance - restores 100% of endurance

Shard of Retaliation - 25 point damage shield for 10 mins
Prism of Retaliation - group version of above

Shard of Resistance - +25 all resistances for 10 mins
Prism of Resistance - group version of above

Shard of Teleportation - moves you to safe spot in zone
Prism of Teleportation - group version of above

Shard of Balance - balance out group's health at 25% penalty (this ever work?)

Shard of Obedience - charms target and make it fight for you for 30 secs, level 30 and below only

Shard of Resuscitation - Rez an ally to 50% health

Note: I read in a game update somewhere that there was also a minion(s) crystal that could be distilled. I couldn't find any.

You needed a chrysol distiller to make an item. They came in Class A-D, maybe sold by Glix the Magnificent. (Level 1, 20, 30, and ? for class A) There are currently no distillers in game, I'll have to create them.

Desc: "This device distills the magic in the air producing crystals of various magic. This particular device can distill class D, C, and B quality crystals."

(Note: Above is for Class B distiller. The distillers could produce anything in a lower class as well.)

Starting item IDs:
Shards: 1268281
Crystals: 1268292
Prisms: 1268302
Jewels: 1268312

My guess is that you get a distiller, click on it, and a random gem magically appears? Where there other required components? Sounds like I'm missing some critical info.

Re: Racial Ability: Gnomish Distillation

Posted: Sun Feb 11, 2018 5:19 pm
by Cyrcle
Seems you have pretty much all the info I have on it.
This ability allows you to operate a variety of devices, only available to gnomes, which are able to materialize a energy crystals. Crystals will have several common effects, ranging from percentage based mana, health, and endurance heals to several uncommon, rare, and even ultra rare effects such as prismatic group resist buffs, rune and damage shields, minion summons, and more.

To be more specific, you can buy said device, the distiller, in the gnome town from a special merchant, in four qualities, lowest one useable from level 1 on, second useable from level 11, third level 21, and highest probably requires level 31. With a recast of 45 minutes you can operate one of these devices and get two random crystals. These crystals are not tradeable and go away when you logout over a longer time (half an hour later they are definitely still there). Higher distillers have a chance to create lower crystals. When you have used a crystal, you cant use another for five minutes.

Re: Racial Ability: Gnomish Distillation

Posted: Sun Feb 11, 2018 11:28 pm
by Moldew
Thanks Cyrc. Didn't know two would pop out, that's new info! :) I haven't found anything about the minion summons.

Re: Racial Ability: Gnomish Distillation

Posted: Fri Mar 02, 2018 2:14 am
by Moldew
This is what I got so far:

- Created 4 classes of distillers, A-D, which show the correct text color for their level of gems they distill. The gems text color also matches. All distillers are no trade, unique, no sell.
- Glix the Magnificent will sell Class A-D distillers at next server reboot. You only need one of them based on your adventure level.
- You will need a distiller for the level of gems you want to distill. (Class D is usable at level 10, C at level 20, B at 30, A at 40)
- Casting the racial ability will look in your inventory and use the highest class distiller you have for your level. (ex: If you are level 40, but only have class C and D distillers in your inventory, it will use C)
- You will be notified after casting if a higher class distiller is available to you.
- A distiller is required! If you don't have any, you can't cast, regardless of level.
- I fixed it so all gems stack! (nonstacking gems was a bug leftover from SOE/DB)
- Higher class distillers can still distill lower level gems, just not as common. (hopefully!)
- I changed it so you can't use distillers till level 10.
- Currently, you can use the racial spell over and over for testing. When I'm done, I will change it to maybe every 15-30 mins.
- The distillers will only generate a single gem, not multiples, and put it in your bag.
- I changed the spell icon to something that at least resembled a distiller. The distillers use the same icon.

To do:

None of the gems themselves have spells attached to them yet.