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Some kind of wizard to change mob difficulty?

Posted: Tue Oct 24, 2017 3:49 pm
by mythdrannor
Just a thought for once this thing is done. If people are going to be running their own servers with all your hard work, one thing I would love to see is some different rulesets. There are obvious things like a roleplay server, a pvp server, etc. But one thing that I loved about Vanguard at release, was how difficult it was. I tried doing Riftseekers as a solo Necro and got quite far but ultimately ended up dying.

After Silius and Co changed the game to add rifts and added all kinds of new gear, the whole game felt too easy. I remember doing a dungeon (Greystone or something, the one you do after Vol Tuniel area), and the group just ran through it in silence, ganking everything in sight, and nobody ever got lower than about 98% health. It was really boring and I think it was because of all the gear you could get if you spent time getting best in slot in every slot etc.

Anyway, what I would love to see would be a wizard that lets you tweak the mobs on the server. So there could be a "classic" server, and then someone could make a server with +10% HP, +5% offensive, +5% defensive, to all mobs. I don't know how likely any of that could be, but it is my wishlist anyway. Would love to play on a tougher server with more of a survival experience. It would also promote grouping more too.

Re: Some kind of wizard to change mob difficulty?

Posted: Mon Oct 30, 2017 12:02 pm
by Moldew
Servers definitely will have rulesets, however that is pretty low on the priority list at this time. Eventually, you will be able to run your own server -
that was always part of the plan. However, our team is so small that we don't support additional servers at this time and everyone is concentrating their work on a single server.

See you online! :)