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FIX bards

Posted: Fri Nov 27, 2015 10:25 pm
by Noobie Doo
From what I've see of the bard coding is a big bowl of spaghetti. First, it would be nice if the bard song book was fixed or revamped. Before sunset, bards never got any more song components after level 50. From what I heard this was because whoever coded the bard made it damn near impossible to fix and after level 50 the only progression bards saw was 3 new abilities outside of the song book. Would be great to see bards be able to advance with their songbooks once we get to the point of raiding and raising the level cap.

Second, would love to see (as someone else has mentioned) drums affecting runspeed again and forever. C'mon let bards have our runspeed pleeeease. lol