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Bug 1209: sona tremean

Posted: Tue Mar 05, 2019 11:59 pm
by dcruse2
This quest cannot be completed. It was reported long ago and supposedly fixed. Bug 1209 . First you have to walk with the girl for 20 minutes getting attacked 4 times. 2nd she makes a beeline for the wolves each time and they aggro her not you. 3rd she cons yellow and not friendly npc green making her struck by any and all aoes you cast trying to pull the wolves off her. 4th she dont regen between fights. and 5th she makes it to last fight with 1% health every time. last fight is always a 1 shot on her. It would be best to make her un-killable so you could finish the quest instead of walking within 10 feet of completion just to get it yanked out from under you on the last fight. I've tried it 4 times so far and not going to do it might want to take a much deeper look into this one before thinking its fixed.

Re: Bug 1209: sona tremean

Posted: Wed Mar 06, 2019 8:55 am
by Jakkal
#1. Bug 1209 was about Sona's level. That was changed, not "Supposedly fixed".
#2. This quest was not meant to be done solo - either in live VG or here.
#3. She shouldn't be attacking the mobs which is a side effect of the faction system that was put in where all NPCs of X faction will attack all NPCs of Y faction. We'll have to look into this.
#4. She is supposed to be attackable, she was like this in Live VG as well - which means, yes, you have to control your AOEs around her. There are many "escort" style quests in VG that are set up this way, probably as a means of keeping players from just AOE-grabbing the mobs.
#5. If she's not regenerating between fights, we can look into this.
#6. This quest is supposed to be difficult, and nigh impossible if you're doing it alone.

Also please keep in mind that you are TESTING VGO, you are not playing a finished version of the game. This quest is difficult from the get go because people are trying to solo it. This is compounded by the fact that not all player abilities are working yet, not all details of player abilities are in yet. This will also be compounded by the fact that mobs recently got a boost in their abilities/attack, so they're hitting a lot harder than they used to. This is all part of the process of rebuilding the game.

This is why I specifically tell people not to test quest difficulty because we are not at the state yet that we can refine details to make things like they were in live. I'm not going to make Sona unattackable, or make fewer NPCs spawn because we need the quest set up as it was in Live and refine from there. If you want to go over what we're looking for in regards to quest testing, please check out this post: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=3002

If you find this quest too difficult to do at level, then set yourself to level 50 and try it again. You're testing to make sure quests work - that you can get the quests, start the events, do the objectives, and you can turn in. I just ran this on my rogue and the quest itself works fine.

The two actual bugs from this that needs to be looked at (by the devs, there's not much I can do here)
#1. Sona isn't regenerating her HP. This is a problem. I believe she's stuck in combat.
#2. Sona is running to and attacking the wolves. She should remain where she is. She's either attacking them from faction or going after them because they've got her targeted. Either way she shouldn't be running off the path to attack them.