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Bug 2274: (Content) Isle of Dawn Civic Diplomacy:...

Posted: Tue Apr 23, 2019 11:57 am
by BugTracker

Bug ID       : 2274 - Isle of Dawn Civic Diplomacy:... 
Bug Date : 2019/02/18 05:20:07
Assigned To : Content
Priority : Low

Category : VGClient
Sub-Category : Gameplay: Diplomacy
Severity : Standard
Reproducible : Every time

Isle of Dawn Civic Diplomacy:

Shared Effort Parley - Convince: There is an error in the dialogue which refers to the swords (Icho) by the name of the NPC in the parley (i.e. the swords are called refered to as "Icho Haji Fang Tentress" when speaking with Haji Fang Tentrees, "Icho Kamashi Sunrain" when speaking with Kamashi Sunrain, and so forth). I have included links to images below.

Originated From World: New Telon (1)