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Bug 2483: (Developer) Programmer error: VGClientInve...

Posted: Wed May 27, 2020 3:54 pm
by BugTracker

Bug ID       : 2483 - Programmer error: VGClientInve... 
Bug Date : 2020/02/27 01:44:48
Assigned To : Developer
Priority : Low

Category : VGClient
Sub-Category : Gameplay: Crafting
Severity : Standard
Reproducible : Some of the time

Programmer error: VGClientInventory::HandleItemMoveToCombatInv bad handle.

Get this msg every other time on doing Artisan Quest in Isle of Dawn #7540 when making explosive runes. If I select a solvent first, I'll get an error when trying to select the crafted rune base. If I select the rune base first, then sometimes it just will not let me select the solvent (unresponsive when i click on it). But I can hit back button, rechoose the project, then it will work the next time without issue.

Originated From World: New Telon (1)