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Bug 2348: (Developer) My friend and I just started p...

Posted: Mon Feb 10, 2020 12:19 pm
by BugTracker

Bug ID       : 2348 - My friend and I just started p... 
Bug Date : 2019/06/29 03:52:15
Assigned To : Developer
Priority : Low

Category : VGClient
Sub-Category : Gameplay: Combat
Severity : Standard
Reproducible : Only seen once

My friend and I just started playing and he invited me to a brotherhood. As best we can tell we were levelling at the same pace until at some point around level 5 I started receiving both (Group) and (Brotherhood) xp. It may have been some kind oed I was already looting a body so I logged out while still in group. When I came back in, my friend still had my bard song on him and it would appear as though he had a second song if I played a new one so might be related as we only noticed the xp difference a while after that occurence.

Originated From World: New Telon (1)