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Oi, fellas!

Posted: Tue Dec 10, 2019 1:31 am
by Burtimus
I started with Vanguard during beta, and despite the bugs and other unpleasantness fell in love with Telon ever since. As part of my interest in the game and the people who created and played it I attended Sony’s Fan Faire the years it represented all of its game library (2007-2009). I met Silius and other devs as well as some truly great people who played the game. I was also part of the winning teams for the live action Vanguard quests two out of those three years.

It was a huge distinction to have one of a few sparkly pink dragon mounts (called Wyrmie) that was given to those of us who attended. I also met both Troy and Beau (hosts of the Voyages of Vanguard podcast). Some really great times and memories from Vanguard, whether in game or in person.

I’m really pleased to meet everyone, and grateful to you guys who make the emulator happen. Seeya in Telon, and last one to Leth Nurae buys the drinks!