Welcome to the Furnature Shop. Here you will find all of the information needed in order to decide which pieces of furnature you wish to have made, or make yourself. The information listed here will provide you the crafter type that makes each piece, the recipe that is used to create the items, the items that can be found under each recipe type, screenshots of the crafted items, and how many materials you will need to create these items. The reason for this section is to help shoppers determine which pieces they wish to purchase from crafters, provide crafters easy access to which recipe creates which items, and to let shoppers and crafters both know what materials are needed in order to have these items crafted. While some crafters will provide the materials and the crafted item at a price, others may require the buyer to obtain and provide the materials that are needed. Feel free to browse around, add information that may be missing, or whatever. If you have any questions on this section, let us know and we will try to answer them the best we can. If at anytime you wish to return to this page, simply click on the large "Vanguard" icon in the upper left corner of each screen and you will be brought back here.

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